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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Unfinished Story

Hi My Friends!!
I have been MIA for the last couple of weeks and I have truly missed my blogging time. Crazy, I know... but for some reason I have found a true love with blogging and it has bothered me that I have not been able to write. Work has gotten VERY busy (thank goodness!) and our internet at work is not working right so our internet usage is limited to business only!

I've had a post thought on my brain and heart for a couple of weeks now but just have not had the time to share it. Keith and I often get into deep conversations, as I guess most married couples do. It is no secret that God has called Keith and I into the ministry. I say "I" because as Pastor Ron says, God calls the wife to minister as well. I have truly felt this calling lately - and I am VERY excited about. I really am. Again, my issue is PATIENCE! I have none! Zero. Zilch. Nada! My momma will tell you that I have always wanted what I wanted yesterday ... and if it is something that I really want, then I will do nothing until I get it. Sadly, she is correct. The good thing is once I put my mind to it, it will be accomplished! But this is a totally different situation. I am SO ready for Keith and I to be in a church, whether it be here in Birmingham or in Texas (I say Texas because that is really as far away that I want to think about being.) I am ready to be there. I don't know where God will have us land, but I am ready!!!

Keith and I recently moved our membership back home, to Huffman Baptist, and God is doing glorious things for us there now. We are prayerfully considering starting a new Sunday School class for "our age" - those who do not fit in with the college and career but those who do not fit into the Young Adult 3 group. Don't get me wrong, we love the people of Young Adult 3 - but for someone who is fresh out of college does not belong in a SS class with 36 year olds with 2 kids. Personalities do not fit. Keith and I learned so much about each other when we were at CrossPoint in a SS class with 15 couples our age, in the same points in life we were in. It makes a huge difference in not only your Christian walk with Christ, but also in our marriage. We learned that there were other couples who struggled daily in their marriage. DO NOT GET ME WRONG -- Keith and I did not and do not have marital struggles, but every marriage struggles in finances at some point or personality conflict, or "he doesn't put the toilet seat down in the bathroom". It was comforting to know that other marriages also have hard times!

Keith is fully involved in Children's Church and Children's Choir, I am on the newly formed Women's Ministry team - and loving it and Noah is having a blast playing with Jake at church each Sunday. He has recently learned how to give his offering each Sunday -- it is SO precious watching him give Mrs. Linda his envelope each Sunday. I am honored to be able to teach him this.

I say all this to say this ... who knows where we will be this time next year. Who knows where we will be in 6 months. God knows! Keith and I keep telling each other to be positive each day. We had a conversation a while back talking about our ministry. I mentioned to him that I don't have an "exciting testimony", at least I thought. Keith helped me realize that I do have an exciting testimony and God is not through with it yet. He is still building it. Keith and I can not wait to minister to young couples one day to tell them our stories of failed businesses and financial struggles and the positive of overcoming it all. (Side note: we have not overcome all of it by any means - I am still paying off a business and will be for a while!!) But God is still building our story!

I went to Gatlinburg this past weekend with Mt. Calavary (mom and dad's church) and had a blast. It was 12 women, me included ready for a Women's Weekend Getaway. It was incredible. Friday night started off with a wonderful worship service and ended with Donna Gaines speaking to us. Saturday was Donna again as well as a Christian female comedian. Sunday was again, a wonderful worship service with Karen Kingsbury speaking. Both Donna and Karen did an amazing job. I sat there just amazed listening to these women. God has used them in incredible ways. Donna is the wife of a pastor of a very fast growing church and Karen is a Christian fiction novelist. I thought about this possibly could be me one day. Who knows. (I just pray that if it is, God, please give me the words to say. I don't know what I would say -- but then again, look at the length of this post. HaHa!) My point is ... my story is not finished yet. God has some INCREDIBLE things to come for me and my family. I feel it. I know it. Don't know what or where it is but I am ready to tackle it and all that is to come with it!!

Please keep us in your prayers. Please pray that Keith and I do stay positive each and every day. Please pray that God is preparing the hearts of where he will have us serve. Please pray for our hearts that they are prepared for what is to come. Pray for our families to be open and receptive - for in case it is further than Texas (haha!). Lord, we are ready. Use us as you would have us!!

In HIS Service!!

~Randi, Keith, Noah and Maggie

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kids Say the Cutest Things!!!

Keith often laughs at me because I always say "Oh, I can't wait until Noah does ____." And then when we reach that milestone Keith says "And you couldn't wait until he did ____." Somehow it always bits me. People did look at me crazy when I said I couldn't wait for Noah to walk -- it seriously made life so much easier!! My latest one was "I can't wait until Noah really starts talking." That one quickly turned to the "I can't wait until Noah really starts saying cute/funny things" --- Well, it finally happened.

Let me show you the picture first:
You might recognize this plate if you have ever been to an Applebee's Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser. Applebee's lets schools or church groups come in a wait tables at breakfast to raise money. The Clay Chalkville Band does a fundraiser each year so we loaded up and went Saturday morning since this would be our last one to support Meghan for. $5 pancakes and sausage breakfast -- not too bad. Not bad at all when you go at the end and the weather has kept people away and it becomes an all you can eat pancake breakfast!!! Noah was excited to go eat "cancakes" with Aunt Rinda, Nina and Papaw. Our plate came with an extra "cancake" and sausage for Noah. Ok - look at the plate really well before I tell you the next part. I took the 3rd pancake and 3rd sausage and put it on his plate. He looked at his plate intently. I tore apart his pancake, drizzled a little syrup on it and told him to eat. He pointed at the sausage and said "woof-woof poopie." (He calls Maggie woof-woof.)  We just died laughing. He could not figure out why Mommy had put woof-woof poopie on his plate. And when you go back and look at the picture - it really does look like "woof-woof poopie". Oh my goodness -- we had tears we were laughing so hard. Aunt Rinda prayed that the cook did not hear us!!! And needless to say -- Noah did not eat any of his breakfast!! Nina worries about him now trying to pick up "woof-woof poopie" from the back yard and eat it -- Oh, I hope not!!

So, here it was -- my son finally said his first "cutest thing" and I was so excited.

Saturday ended up being such a wonderful day!! Nina, Meghan, Noah and I left Applebees and went on an adventure. We went to the sewing place in Trussville (where my newest addiction took place) then headed to David's Bridal -- I am in Esther's wedding in 4 weeks and HAD to get my dress!!! We left David's Bridal - had a wonderful lunch at Wings (yes, I know, none of my food Saturday was on Weight Watchers) and then back to JoAnn's Fabrics. My mother, being the brilliant woman that she is, has thought of an wonderful thing --- now it is my job to take her vision and turn it into a reality. So, I have been busy learning to sew and trying to create this "thing". I'm not gonna say what it is yet because if it works, we want to market it!! OH - but I am SO excited about it!!!! That night, Momma, Meghan and I played with the sewing machine (oh, and Keith and Dad because we couldn't figure it out by ourselves). It was soon time for Noah's bath and you will never guess what he did -- HE TEE-TEED IN THE POTTY FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! Let's just say there was TONS of excitement in our house. I was thrilled -- beyond thrilled. He has not done it since but I am just going to keep trying!!!!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This Supermom is TIRED

Do you ever get SO tired of playing Supermom?? I feel so guilty for wanting just 1 day to myself. Don't get me wrong -- I love my little buddy with all of my heart and would not trade one thing for him. I am not even sure how I lived life without him. Keith and I often talk that we are not sure we could do it that perfect again. But this momma is exhausted. I am so tired of doing for everyone that I want someone to do for me. Again - don't get me wrong, my Momma (above all) does so much for me, and like Noah, would not trade anything for her. But, wow!!!

Yesterday was a trying day! Keith woke up sick with a fever (a fever virus obviously since Noah had one) and all wives would probably agree that when the husband is sick - just go ahead and put him in the hospital. He wasn't that bad of a patient but still, just in general!! So - I had to rearrange my morning and take Noah to GiGi's house - which ran me late for work, SORRY FUN SOURCE!! I had a busy day at work - thank goodness, had to make a trip to City Hall to drop something off - but an overall good day at work. I left here at 5 going to pick up Noah. Ahmed had a soccer game at Shades Valley that was supposed to start at 5. I knew that Noah and I would be late to the game, but that was ok. Ahmed only plays the last part of the game so timing was going to work out perfectly. I have come to enjoy the soccer games, and I am slowly figuring it out but 2 - 40 minute halves with a 2 year old is quite the challenge. Noah and I got to Shades Valley about 6:15 - which should have been about 25 minutes left in the game. Boy was I wrong. I walk up and they have 35 minutes left in the first half -- we had only missed about 4 minutes of the game. Thank goodness Noah and I didn't get there at 5:30. Noah and I sat in the bleachers as long as we could - made it until 25 minutes left in the game and had to go sit in the car. It was too cold for Noah and I to sit outside - especially with Noah just getting over the fever virus! We were excited to see that Clay won 2-0. We left Shades Valley about 8 pm, went back to GiGi's house to get Maggie (aka: pretty pretty princess) and headed to Publix to get something to cook for dinner. We got home about 8:40, cooked dinner and ate and cleaned the kitchen. Then got Noah in the bed, changed the sheets on the bed and crawled in bed myself. I was exhausted. THEN, of course, it was one of those nights where Noah wakes up at 4:30 and falls back asleep in the bed with me at 6:30 - just as the alarm was going off. Go figure.

So, I am dragging today!! Keith and I have tickets to see RAIN tonight, I think I told you that yesterday, but I know that tonight will be a late night. We have soccer again tomorrow night at Spain Park and THEN IT'S FRIDAY!! Yay!!

Saturday will be spent looking at bridesmaids dresses for a bestie's wedding in April and pattern shopping for a sewing class that I go to on Monday. Still busy as a bee!!!

I know I am ranting and raving and I shouldn't be, but MAN am I down today! I keep telling myself that this is again the ENEMY working on me and I feel like I am letting him win. I read a friends blog today... she and her family have just recently became foster parents and her post talks about highs and lows to fostering, excitement from friends and family and then negative comments from friends and family. She is using this opportunity as a ministry for the kids and families of these fosters. How amazing - what a reminder it was to me to keep going. Check out Catie's blog if you would like.

I've got just another bump in the road -- I will climb this mountain and make it successfully over!!!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

I hope this b-e-a-utiful March day finds you doing well!! It is absolutely gorgeous weather here in 'Bama and I only wish I that I could be outside with my little man playing in the weather!!!

  • We've had a crazy weekend. Noah ended up sick with what we can only assume to be the FEVER VIRUS!! He "threw up" a couple of times in the middle of the night Friday night/Saturday morning but it was only really congestion that he threw up. He had 1 really bad diaper Saturday morning and then was fine the entire day. He went down for his nap about 1 pm - fought all the way down but he was told that he could not go to Shawn's birthday until he had a nap. Well, he woke up with a fever of 100 and kept the fever until last night. 48 hours with a fever was crazy. The weirdest part was he kept eating, kept drinking and kept playing. The fever never slowed him down -- just caused him to be at home a lot. So, needless to say, we sadly missed Shawn's birthday. We missed his first birthday, obviously, because Noah was only 4 days old and I was not in physical shape to go to a birthday party! I was so devastated because this was a very special birthday. 2 of Shawn's biological half siblings were there with their families and I really wanted to meet them. :-( Oh, well, hopefully next year.

  • Keith is now sick. BOO! Don't you hate it when the man is sick. Makes everything so terrible. Doesn't matter that Mommy has to keep going when she is sick but Daddy, NO! Well, he woke up in the middle of the night with a 101.? fever and it has finally dropped to the 99s. Hopefully his is just this fever virus but I am praying it doesn't stick around as long as Noah's did. Keith and I have tickets to see RAIN tomorrow night at the BJCC. This is in celebration of his birthday and this is also as close as he will ever get to a Beatles concert. So I am REALLY praying that this virus leaves his body and does not come anywhere near mine!!!

  • Keith also got an inquiry from a church but this time it is for a Youth Pastor. He is starting to wonder if God is trying to tell him something??? I did mention that I could relate to youth really well -- I mean, I think we have done a decent job since Ahmed moved in. Keith is excellent with youth boys. He had done a great job coaching a senior high basketball team at CrossPoint and the boys really respect him. I reminded him of this yesterday and he agreed and had not thought about it that way. My concern with this particular church is that it is only part time and it is a little bit of a drive from our house - so I have no idea. I don't really want to move to the "other side of town" - especially for a part time position. But I am keeping an open mind that if this is where God has us, then my heart will be softened! Keith also sent his resume in to a church that is not in our area and would require a move --- but, again, we will see!! We both feel God's calling to the ministry, we just have to figure out where and what it is. I know that God has great things in store for us and our ministry. We are very excited about it and ready to get moving on it!!

  • I have started a new adventure today --- not sure where or how far it will go!! I saw a new direct sales jewelry company is making their debut this month and people can sign up to be a consultant for FREE!! No parties, no inventory, just your website. So, I signed up. Just thought what did I have to loose?? Nothing!! The company is Bamboo Pink and my website is Check it out and see what you think. There are no prices or individual products on there yet. If you think you might be interested in selling, there is a link on my website and you can be in my "downline". I know that we will have so much fun trying this out together!!!!

  • SO - I am addicted to THE BACHELOR if you didn't know already. I have watched almost every season since it came on. There were a couple of seasons that didn't interest me but now the producers have figured out how to keep it interesting and bringing back the next Bachelor/Bachelorette from the previous season. It really keeps my interest going. I spend each Monday night narrating the episode via email for my cousin, Angie. She is a country music dj in North Carolina and her show is bright and early in the morning so she can not stay up that late to watch every episode. I have SO much fun giving my input on the show for her to use in her own show. I only wish I could listen to her to see what she has to say! :-) I was SO happy to see Ashley leave last night. She definitely grew on me through the season but she was not my favorite pick for Brad. I was very happy that the finale comes down to Chantel O and Emily. Emily is by far my favorite pick but I do think that Chantel will make the better choice for Brad. Emily is so sweet and so precious and SO beautiful but I am not sure that their lifestyles will click. Chantel -- I can definitely see her packing up and moving to Austin and starting a new life there. It is very obvious that she comes from money so I am sure that she can easily move. I know Emily has some money too - it is kind of obvious considering who the grandparents of her daughter are!! Um, can we say multi, multi MULTI billionaires! Not millionaires but BILLionaires!!

I guess I have bored you enough with tidbits of life!! Ahmed has a soccer game this afternoon so Noah and I will be headed to Shades Valley to yell "GO BLUE" and "Yea #7"!! Noah has his 2 year "well baby check up scheduled for Friday -- I will be excited to see how big my baby has grown in 2 years and hear what his expected size will be!!!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your afternoon!!!