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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Birthday, Buddy!!!

I can not believe it has been 4 years since my favorite little buddy entered our world. I had no clue what a joy he would bring to us.
We celebrated his birthday party on February 16th with family and friends. I know I was nervous about his party but everything turned out perfect. It was too cold for the moonwalk (which Noah and I were both disappointed with) but we had a great time anyway! Ree Ree made a "tire" cake for us and Aunt Jonica helped ice it and decorate it up some. Ree Ree also made small "tires" for each of Noah's friends to decorate their own. Keith and Uncle Shane attempted to make cotton candy. It tasted wonderful but I think the dog next door enjoyed a majority of it because of the wind. It was funny watching the little beagle chase it through the yard. HAHA!!
Noah got lots of wonderful gifts and fun new toys. His favorites include the bow and arrow from Nina and Papaw (thanks, mom!!) and the dvd player for the car from Gigi and Granddanny. Boy, do his grandparents know him or what. We do joke on the bow and arrow. He is great at it - has a natural stance and all. It just took some talking to on where we point and where we do not point the arrow. I will say - the arrow is not an arrow. It is a suction cup, but still. Gotta learn now for the real one one day! He loves it because he says he is going "Squatch" hunting -- his Daddy is so proud!!!

Blowing out the "Tire"

Attempting at the Cotton Candy

Decorating the tires

Even "Mr. Keith" sat with the kids to decorate a tire

Aunt J and Ree Ree ROCK!!!

Lunch with his friends!

Opening Presents

More presents - with help from friends!!
Noah's actual birthday was this past Sunday and of course it was spent at church. What a better place to celebrate his birthday! We did go to lunch afterwards and let the birthday boy choose. Big shock - he wanted chips and cheese. We headed to the Mexican restaurant and Mommy took one for the team. I thoroughly enjoyed my Mexican lunch - especially since it had been over a month since I had eaten anything like that! I figured it would either send me into labor or a gall bladder attack. I was hoping for the 1st one but got nothing! HAHA!!

The afternoon ended up being absolutely beautiful!! Aunt Audrey sent Noah a John Deer tractor with "monster truck tires" so we headed outside to play. He had a blast playing in the mud. He was SO filthy when we finished that we threw his new socks away. They looked like they had soaked in chocolate milk. His jeans, shirt and shoes went straight to the washer. I even had to wash the washing machine before I could wash the next load. We stripped Noah of his clothes on the back deck and Keith literally carried him straight to the tub. He was filthy even under his clothes. But my Buddy had a blast and I let him enjoy!!

And while this post is all about Noah -- today is pajama party day at school. They are studying the letter "P" at school so they wore their pjs today, enjoyed popcorn, (caffeine free) pepsi, pudding, and watched Peter Pan. He even got to take Bo and Mickey with him to school. Needless to say, he was very excited about going to school this morning!! I know he will have a blast at naptime!


Noah's "bestie" is Michael and he is in the blue plaid.
Jonah is a close 2nd and he is in the red angry birds.
I know they have so much fun at school!!!
God certainly blessed our lives when Noah entered the world on February 24th, 2009. I look forward to many more years of fun and excitement with my Little Buddy. It's only going to get better!!! 

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