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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Baby Story -- Part 2 -- It's a ?????

September finally rolled around and it was time to find out what kind of baby would be joining our family around George Washington's birthday. Would it be a boy? A Girl? Either way we were excited. I admit that I had convinced myself that I was having a girl. I just knew Maddie (Madison LaRue) would be coming! Pink was about to throw up everywhere!! If we were having a girl, this would be one of the few girls on Keith's side of the family. Jennifer is the only granddaughter out of 6 grandchildren. If the baby was a boy, then he would be the first boy born on my side of the family in 50-something years. We knew we were excited either way!!

We thought long and hard about fun ways to tell the family what we were having. We decided that the family would go to dinner together and they would ALL find out at the same time! It seemed only fair! We went to Logan's and I had ordered a cookie cake from Great American Cookie Company.

The day finally came -- and I couldn't stand it. I think my appointment was at 2 and so I thought it would never come! There we are - in the ultrasound room, the tech doing all the necessary measurements and looking at what she needed to look at before getting on to the fun part. She seemed quiet during the ultrasound but I thought she was just really focused!

The time finally came and she starts showing us the spine, the fingers, the profile, the foot, the toes, and I'm thinking "ok, go to the important part - show me, is it there or is it not??" She finally works her way up the leg and there it was. I saw it - clear as day. I would be having a Daniel Noah. Oh, what a beautiful site he was. She went back and showed us other things and got the most beautiful profile picture of him.

There he was ... a little person with a little identity. It was just breathtaking for me.

We patiently waited to see the doctor where she congratulated us on a boy! The talked with us about the ultrasound and told us some news that could have devastated me. The tech had found a cyst on little Noah's brain. What I did not understand at the time was this was very common in babies. Most all babies have this cyst at some point in the womb but it was the matter of if there is an ultrasound done at the right time to see it. The good news was this cyst "should" dissolve itself and we would get the opportunity for another ultrasound. We spent the next 8 weeks praying and praying and praying. What if this cyst was one of the few that did not correct itself. The "what ifs" kept pouring in.

Now it was on to tell the family about Noah and enjoy a wonderful family dinner. Keith and I decided to play a game and let them figure out what we were having. We stopped at Paper Works Outlet in Birmingham to buy our "accessories". I bought numerous size boxes, tons of reversible wrapping paper, and some adorable blue plates for our cookie. Oh, and I also called GAC to tell them to decorate the cookie with blue icing!

We headed home -- ignoring tons of phone calls from friends and family. We did text our parents and said - appt was good. We will see you at dinner! If I remember correctly, Keith even took my phone away from me! HAHA! Our game plan was to wrap a ultrasound photo of his "it's a boy" picture and then wrap that box, and wrap that box, and wrap that box, and, well you get the idea. While in the process, Keith decided that was not daring enough! SO - we came up with questions to write on the box that the family members had to answer before unwrapping the box and passing on to the next person.

Google became our best friend. We wrote things like "I will be the first of my "kind" in my family in a long time." Both answers, Noah or Madison could be the answer. "There is a town or county with my name" There are both cities - Madison city and Daniel city -- don't remember where they are though. We also wrote Noah in Japanese and Chinese just to see if they could figure it out. The reversible paper that I had was pink on one side and blue on the other. Of course, I wrapped every other box in opposites. One was pink, the next was blue, then pink, then blue. We had the family in circles - literally. Finally, the box made it's way around the table and it ended at Momma Gena and GrandDanny. I don't remember what her question was but when she opened the box, she found the photo. We did not tell her what it was but she had to look and see for herself. It took a second and THEN she saw it. She was happy to announce that we were having a BOY!

We got to see our precious baby boy again in November where we learned that the cyst had corrected itself. Praise the Lord - my prayers had been answered. Thanksgiving and Christmas both came and went, construction of the nursery was well underway and then the baby tea. I had so much fun at my tea. I don't remember how many people we invited, 200-250 I think and I guess over 100 came that day. I was so overwhelmed at the love people showed to us that day.

Monthly doctor appointments turned into bi-weekly appointments and those turned into weekly appointments. I rotated and saw several different doctors. Dr. Hudson knew that I really wanted Noah born on Sunday, February 15th since that would have been my GrandDaddy's birthday. He didn't offer to help by inducing me but instead gave me several home remedies for getting a baby out. Let's just say, none of them worked. The next week, I saw Dr. Lassiter. She ordered another ultrasound (YAY!!) to see just how big the baby was. Of course, I don't remember the numbers but I think he was 7 1/2 lbs then. The following week, I saw Dr. Snowden (my doctor) -- Thursday, the 19th - and she said that if Baby Boy had not graced us with his presence by the 24th (Tuesday) then we would induce the following day, the 25th. I had progressed enough for her to strip my membranes. Let me tell you, that was the most painful thing I have had done, at this point. Oh my goodness. I swear her elbow was inside me! She warned me this would cause bleeding, which it did and we hoped that it would trigger my labor, and guess what... it did!!

Stay tuned for A Baby Story -- Part 3 -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NOAH!!!

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