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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Determined to Succeed/Resolutions

Ok - so I am on a new kick ---- Running is one of my goals for 2011. Yes, I know, I have too many "resolutions" for 2011 but this is definitely one that has got to work or I won't work any more. I have GOT to loose weight and get my butt in shape. You see, I suffer from hereditary high cholesterol. I have no idea what it is right now but last time it was tested it was 290-ish. Kind of sounds like I could be a walking time bomb. Doctors wanted me on medication but I am child-bearing age and can't be on medication -- for the safety of any unborn children I may have.

So, I was blog hopping/blog stalking today, whatever you want to call it and I came across a link for a FREE running program.

Apparently this is a program that you can purchase in stores but they are offering it for FREE. All you have to do is go to their website, "like" them on Facebook, then fill out their form and they will send you the link to download the book for FREE! I am SO excited about it!!

Here are my goals that I put on their form:
Goals in General:

1. To loose weight - obviously!

2. To learn how to run successfully --- I have had an "itch" lately to become a runner. My family and friends who know me have laughed when I have said that.

3. To look great in a bridesmaids dress for one of my bestie's wedding in April and to look great on my cruise in June!

4. To physically feel better. I am tired of being exhausted and out of breath because of my weight. I am tire of being embarrassed to go clothes shopping because of my weight. And I am tired of looking pregnant when I am not. My child is 2 years old almost and it is time to get rid of this weight!!!

5. To get my butt into shape so that I can become a certified yoga teacher!

Weight Loss Goals:
1. To loose 10 lbs per month

2. To loose between 50-60 lbs total - but I'll keep loosing if it is going good! LOL!!

3. To train to run my first ever 5K in October!!

I need this plan for several reasons. One being, as I stated above, I have never been a runner and really don't know where to begin. Second of all, I need accountability. I think this program will help me become accountable in sticking with a routine. Running can be a good stress relief for me and I am looking forward to using running as my "me time"!!

I hope that you will join me on this adventure. By the way -- I need a good accountability partner... anyone up for the task??? Seriously! I really do!!!

Here are some of my other "New Year's Resolutions":
1. To loose weight and learn to run (isn't that always the number 1 resolution??)
2. To learn how to sew --- I am SO Excited about this. I am ready to get my crafty juices flowing!! Goal for Christmas Presents for next year -- to make something homemade/sewn for everyone!!
3. To save enough money to pay for my Yoga certification -- this also goes with #1 resolution because I am pretty sure that you can not be an overweight yoga instructor. LOL!
4. To become a Successful Blogger --- I read blogs all the time that have hundreds of followers and I want to be one of those bloggers. SO -- (hint, hint) if you are reading this and you are not one of my "followers" can you do me a favor and "follow" me? (I just love being "followed"!) Oh - and feel free to comment on any of my posts. Let me know you "stopped by for a visit!"

I think that is all of the resolutions I will put for now. I could put some goals for 2011 but I won't bore you with those!!

2010 has become a great year for our family. I will admit that it started off very rocky and depressing. We have overcame some major hurdles this year and still have a few more to jump but God is with us and HE has brought us this far and will see us through. I am very grateful to Him for that. I pray that your year has been full of blessings and pray that 2011 is great to you as well!! 

Love to all!!


*note - Tips 4 Running did not ask me to post this for them nor did I receive any compensation for this. This was done at my own will.  


  1. Your goals look like my goals!!! I would like to be able to do the 5k Komen run in october and think I have successfully talked my mil out of her elliptical machine :-) I would love to be your accountability partner, will you also be mine???

  2. Absolutely!! Let's do it!!! I wanna try for the CrossPoint 5K in October as well, so we have 2 goals for runs in October!! I'm game!!!