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Friday, December 10, 2010

Flashback Friday - ENGAGEMENT TRIP

 I am SO excited to be starting "Flashback Friday" on my blog. I saw this on some one's blog and knew that I wanted to do it. Yes, I gave in to blog peer pressure. I wasn't really sure how to start it and then I came across our pictures from our trip to Gatlinburg when we got engaged. I knew this would be the perfect start. I really wanted to post wedding pictures but that is when my Grandma moved to Heaven and I never did. I planned on posting it on the month anniversary of our anniversary - again, never did. SO - I will just gradually work into the wedding pictures with my Flashback Friday. Don't know what I will "flashback" to once I complete this --- guess I will find something! :-) Hope you enjoy this......

Keith and I got engaged Thanksgiving weekend, 2004. His family planned a vacation to Gatlinburg for the week. Keith and I were not able to go for the week because of my work schedule, but we joined the family on Wednesday. I remember it being fun traveling to Gatlinburg with him. I also remember secretly hoping that I would be coming home engaged. We had already set our date for the wedding (though no one really knew except my parents.) When you are wedding photographers and want a specific date for a wedding, you must plan early!! I think we had set the date 2 months prior to getting engaged. Anyway.... I had no idea he had actually bought the ring but like I said, I secretly hoped that is when it would be. I kept looking for it when we would go places but it never happened.

Thanksgiving day, (I think), the family rode the ski lift to the top of Gatlinburg. I remember being scared to death because I am fearful of heights. I enjoyed the time at the top of the mountain but I did not enjoy the ski lift ride up. My palms are sweating right now just thinking/typing about it. Friday was a day at Cade's Cove. I had no idea that is where Keith actually planned to propose. God love him, he had the ring with him all day but never found the right spot. We got back to the cabin and made plans to go downtown Gatlinburg to have dinner at the Italian restaurant. Keith asked if I would ride back to the top of the mountain to get a picture of Gatlinburg at night. I didn't want to but he begged. Of course I gave in thinking that he might propose there. We got to dinner, put our name on the list and then found out that we had about a 40 minute wait. While shopping in the stores around the restaurant, Keith asked if we had time to go up and get the picture. So off we went. I knew that he would not propose because it was going to be rushed. Ha - should have known Keith and his making things difficult. LOL! We rode up, freezing by the way and I patiently waited while he tried to take the perfect picture. He kept playing with the shutter speed on the camera trying to get the picture. He finally asked me to try. I'm thinking, are you kidding?? You are obviously the better photographer, especially when it comes to a steady hand and you are asking me to take the picture. Boy, I was so naive. I took the picture and it didn't work. He told me to try again. I turned to show him that my picture was not good and he was down on one knee. I have no idea what he said but I know that I said YES!! I was SO excited. We rode back down the mountain - calling my parents on the way. I remember Meghan being at my parents house and getting to tell her my exciting news. On the way down the mountain, Keith had a brilliant idea of not telling his family what had happened. Apparently Jennifer and Momma Gena both knew his plans. We got down to the restaurant and the family had already sat down. I sat next to Jennifer and could tell that she was very anxious. We waited just a minute, long enough for them to get ancy and we finally told them the exciting news! We told them not to make plans for October 29, 2005 because that would be the exciting day!!!

Below are a few pictures from our trip - including my terrible picture from the mountain.
Keith and I at Ober Gatlinburg
I think this was on the Saturday after he proposed.

Playing in a tree at Cades Cove

My terrible picture when Keith proposed!!
We normally wouldn't show this kind of picture, but it has a lot of meaning to it! 

At the restaurant after we told everyone

Our family dinner at the Italian restaurant
Me, Jennifer, Paul, Aunt Barbara
Keith, GrandDanny, Momma Gena, Uncle Mike

Can't forget sweet Freckles. This was the one family vacation that she went on.
She had a blast smelling the mountain air and going on long walks at the cabin!!

Freckles all snuggled up on her bed with her Pooh pillow
Only a sweet spoiled puppy sleeps on a pillow!!
Oh how I miss that big tub of love, as I called her!!

Family Picture at Ober Gatlinburg
Keith, Randi, Momma Gena, GrandDanny, Jennifer, Paul, Aunt Barbara & Uncle Mike
(this is long before Noah and Jake came into the picture)

~Randi & Keith

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